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Video interviews

Steamboat Films, Paris.  Sydney, l’autre Chaplin [documentary].  Produced by Ciné + Classics (Société Multithematiques), forthcoming November 2017.

Ohio University Communication and Marketing: Profiles in Faculty Achievement.  Launched April 28, 2016

Radio  and Web Interviews


Interview with Matt Micucci at the Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna, Italy, 

June 25, 2017:


Up All Night with Charissa Chadderton

On Air interview April 15, 2016: Opening of Chaplin’s World Museum

Radio France Culture

Hour-long interview with Christine LeCerc recorded April 4, 2016.

Grande Traversée: Charlie Chaplin, the artist (5-part) program. 18 July – 22 July 2016.


Twin Cities Daily Planet ( July 6, 2015.

 “The Great Dictator: A Movie Born from Charlie Chaplin’s 1930s Trip around the World,” by Carrie Pomeroy.  Available at


The Daily with Dave Hodgson. Talk Radio Europe. Spain. January 6, 2015.

Phone interview about A Comedian Sees the World by Charlie Chaplin. 15 minutes.

Golden Age of Hollywood Podcast #210: Syd Chaplin with Derek McClellan.  May 12, 2012.

 Hour-long interview                                                   Conducted via Skype from Glasgow, Scotland April 7, 2012 


“The Charlie Chaplin Archive” with Matthew Sweet.  Two-part program.  BBC London. 21 and 28 February 2011.

Hour-long interview                                                   Conducted November 20, 2010          


Brainstormin’ with Billy the Brain. KKZZ AM 1400, Ventura, CA.  NPR radio broadcast, “Success:  Charlie Chaplin.”

20-minute interview                                                   Conducted November 1, 2010


Neal Steele Show.  WXGM AM1420, Gloucester, VA.  “Charlie Chaplin.”

Interview                                                                    Conducted October 29, 2010


Charlie Chaplin Documentary.  NHK-TV, Tokyo.  Broadcast 5 times beginning in July 2006.

Video interview + class filming                                  Conducted May 31, 2006


Smile—The Genius of Charlie Chaplin: Two-Part Radio Program.  BBC Scotland.  29 November and 6 December 2005.

Audio Interview                                                          Conducted May 3, 2005

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